Panic disorders in men

Panic disorders belong to a new breed of disorders occurring in both men and women. Although there are many descriptions of this condition, the occurrence of panic attacks has increased. It is the frequency of these attacks that has now got many seeking a positive diagnosis.  However, patients require to have have anxiety symptoms for over one month to be confirmed. The onset of the attacks also comes with a behavioral change in the victim. Many a time the patient will have concerns about the effects of panic disorders on other conditions.  Such worries can also take their own form and are frequently described as anticipatory attacks. Although confused with each other, there are hardly any similarities between panic disorders and agoraphobia. However, chances of the two conditions occuring together have been noted in a number of cases. This condition though manageable is yet to find a match in any cure. The disorder always worsens when patients try to conceal it hence delaying intervention. Chances of the disorder running for many years unknown to the patient thereby increase. If left untreated for long panic disorders may take serious forms. It is in such circumstances that it is considered a precusor for mental illness.

There are several substances that if taken continuously may cause panic disorders. Some conditions greatly expose one to the panic attacks’ risk . Men who smoke any form of tobacco enhance their susceptibility to suffering from panic attacks. Abuse of alcohol is another cause of panic attacks. Long use of sedatives could also lead to occurrence of this condition. Panic Disorder is an anxiety disorder. You can learn information about signs, symptoms, causes and treatments at Online Pharmacy which also sales  Viagra online.

People who suffer from panic disorders exhibit various symptoms. Many patients will display extreme forms of anxiety disorder. The panic attacks are normally frequent and could be as short as five minutes. At times, when no anxiety medications are forthcoming, they can last for hours. Patients may perspire a lot while the heart beat increases substantially.

Panic disorders are sometimes attributed to tobacco smoking for long continuous periods. Cigarettes once smoked release smoke into the lungs. This smoke changes the environment inside the lungs through increased tar deposits. Such a situation triggers off a chain of reactions that leaves the smoker experiencing much anxiety. Inflammation of the respiratory system may also occur thus worsening the situation.

Alcohol once ingested immediately takes effect hence also contributing to panic disorders. Alcohol is most dangerous when a patient is trying to withdraw from its consumption. Alcohol interferes with normal brain functions. In its place the patient grows increasingly restless creating room for anxiety. This state serves to perpetuate panic attacks in the absence of anxiety medications.

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The management of panic attacks can be tricky due to several reasons. Continued reliance on drugs will reverse any positive gains. Consistency in using medications is a requirement that many patients may find demanding. Antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs are some of the most common interventions. However medication for panic disorders must only be taken under prescription.

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